As the premier community news publication in South Hillsborough County, the News of Sun City Center reaches approximately 16,000 homes in Sun City Center, Kings Point and Valencia Lakes through “Every Door Direct Mail” delivered by the U. S. Postal Service. Our community’s 24,000 residents read The News each and every month. Our feature stories and popular section such as “CA News,” “Club News,” “Sports,” “Arts,” “Military Clubs” and “33573 Events” assure that our readers keep each publication through the month and refer back to it multiple times…after reading it cover to cover.

How can we be so certain that every single mailbox in zip code 33573 will be filled with your message each and every month? Because nothing stops the United States Postal Service, and they are the ONLY service we trust to get our papers delivered on time, every time.

And how will we know those messages will be read? Because our readers know, when they open up one of our papers, they will be reading news about their town, not the next town over or the burg down the street. They appreciate that these stories are about their friends, their neighbors, about their clubs and groups and their favorite hobbies. About where they play and where they worship. Stories about what’s going on in their world and the best tools to help them to connect to it. That’s what our readers tell us. That’s why they keep each issue until the next one is placed in their mailbox. And that’s why we get so many requests for additional copies and so many hits on our web sites, every single month.

If you want to do business with the wonderful residents of Sun City Center, Kings Point and Valencia Lakes, the best place to be seen is in the pages of this community’s premier community news publications, The News of Sun City Center.