Election Results

The verdict on the theater is in, 3 new directors elected

NEWS Staff


One of the most contentious and hotly contested issues in recent memory is behind us. The question of when, where and how Sun City Center should build a new theater divided this community, creating a debate that continued to cause contention for much of 2014. Now the community has spoken. Definitively. Voters clarified any potential confusion by a strong statement in the ballot booth. A total of 5,015 votes were cast, with the ballot initiative being defeated 3,874 to 1,141, a more than three-to-one margin. On the question of financing for a new theater, 4,918 votes were cast. Financing was also soundly defeated, 4,037 to 881, a more than four-to-one ratio.


Community Association members also voted to see three new faces on the Board of Directors. Elected were Richard Angerosa, Joe Elam and Ed Feder. Two elected directors, Angerosa and Feder, ran primarily on a “fiscal responsibility” ticket, speaking out fervently against a new theater. During their candidate interviews, each new director also expressed their thoughts about leadership and a new direction for the Community Association. Here, in part, is what they said.


Richard Angerosa-bAngerosa – “I believe the current board is dictatorial and unresponsive to the voice of the residents. We need to keep SCC debt free, rebuild trust in the CA board and really listen to the residents. (the Board should) make decisions based on direct resident input, and honor the wishes of those residents.”




Joe Elam-bElam – “The board has become so divided they are talking over each other rather than to each other. Having the courage of your convictions is great, but if you are thinking of your retort rather than listening, nothing will change. I will work to make SCC the most attractive community in this area.”




Ed Feder-bFeder – “Is is important that the Board represent the will of all CA members. I want the Board to exercise sound fiscal management. I would like to establish more comprehensive processes for the evaluation of major projects. Learning what projects should be considered requires active listening.”



The 2015 Board officers will be as follows:

David Floyd, President

Sam Sudman, Vice President

Neil Rothfeld, Treasurer

Joe Elam, Secretary.


In addition to these results, the Membership Dues decrease was convincingly approved, 4,215 to 794.