FunFest Sold Out this Year!

By Kai Rambow


“How can a free event be sold out?” you ask. Starting at 12:30, within a 30-minute period, the Men’s Club sold out of pork and chicken sandwiches, the Tillers & Toilers sold out of hamburgers and the Lawn Bowling & Croquet Club sold out of pies. The Tillers & Toilers sold a record number of hamburgers this year.

After last year’s rained out event and the chilly weather this week, everything came together beautifully. Temperatures warmed up enough to melt the snow, and the sun killed the chill providing comfortably warm conditions.

If one explores, there is always something to discover at FunFest.  The Tai Chi club kicked off events with their regular Saturday morning session.  Ken Faulk, founded the club in 1989 has led workout sessions since.  Crystal Frank, who joined the club last fall, chuckled “There are 108 movements, and I know the first 20. I peek at everyone else to make sure I’m in step.”  She admitted to being a little nervous because “Ken is so good and so passionate about Tai Chi, you don’t want to let him down.”

The new croquet club played for several hours, demonstrating their game.  Jeannie Kostka joined in the fall.  Even though she never played croquet before, she loves it now.  Her favorite part is beating somebody.

Days of Preparation

Our enjoyment involves days of preparation from those who participate.  It takes the community center employees five days just to prepare for FunFest. Clubs and their members spend considerable time preparing as well.

Even though the Swim Dancers put on a wonderful show the Saturday before FunFest, they practiced multiple times during the week to prepare.  Despite all of their hard work, a technical glitch threatened to ruin their show.  The computer with the music was hit with a major Windows update 25 minutes before show time.  Once explained, the audience patiently waited for a delayed start.  After waiting all that time in the water, the swim dancers performed as if no problems had ever arisen.

The Model Railroad club has a permanent setup, but they too worked hard to prepare. Their latest addition, is a thunder cloud complete with lightning. After receiving it only two weeks before FunFest, members worked diligently so not to disappoint visitors.

Extremely popular “Wonders of Nature” prepared as well.  Some new animals were introduced and the show area was rearranged. A favorite, Moby the talking parrot with an extensive range of mimicry, provided numerous laughs for the audience.

One of the reasons FunFest works so well is because so many club members and business participants prepare for us to have an enjoyable time.

Here are a few “fun” photos from the “fest”…click the thumbnail to view the gallery: