First place was “Let Me Explain,” by Jack Migliore with 162 votes.


The Sun City Center Photo Club is pleased to announce the FunFest Viewer’s Choice winners. Talented photographers submitted their images to be voted by the enthusiastic viewers that attended this fun filled event. Special congratulations to our winners for their outstanding talent!

Out of the sixty-two entries the top six were chosen.


Jack Migliore also placed second with “Focused In The Wind” with 157 votes.

Third place was “Wired Dog” by Carol Feldhauser with 130 votes.

Fourth place was “Kennebunk Corner” by Kathy Griffith with 128 votes.

Fifth place was “Sunset Over the Plant Hotel” by Robert Winch with 96 votes.

Sixth place was “Raccoon Orphans by Tom Bredesen with 94 votes.


These winning photos will be displayed in the Atrium Building located at 945E N. Course Lane. Thanks to all who participated to make this event a success.