A message from our friends at Kings Point… 

The golf cart path widening project is complete!  Users can now access the Golf Cart path for direct access to Winn Dixie and other Sun City locations.

The path has been widened to accommodate an inbound and outbound lane.  Drivers will use the same procedure to open the gate arm when re-entering the community.  Simply swipe your badge at the keypad located on the center poll, and wait for the gate arm to go up. Please watch your speed on the cart path and when approaching the gate arms.

For everyone’s safety, please do not piggy back on another cart’s entry.  The gate arm will come down, and has the potential to break the gate arm or damage your golf cart.The area is being monitored by video surveillance.

You do not need to swipe your badge when leaving the community, only when returning. The gate will be locked from sun down to sun up.

The cart path will be shutting down for one day to apply a seal coating at the end of April. We will notify you in advance when that date has been scheduled.

Thank you for your patience and we hope you enjoy the widened path.