By Kai Rambow


An explosion of color from over 25 varieties awaits you at The Orchid Show at Selby Gardens.  Created around the theme of the four elements of nature: earth, air, fire and water, Selby Gardens once again showcases orchids in an intriguing manner.

The main exhibit is in the conservatory.  Concept creation began eight months ago and the conservatory was closed for almost a month to prepare the show.  We get to enjoy the dedicated work.

Part of the exhibit is housed at the Payne Mansion.  When you enter, the three hall entry doors have been decorated with a replication of orchid hand drawings.  This was created on a translucent adhesive poster.  Turn right and when you enter the room the originals used to create the doors are hanging on the wall.  Tip:  Charles Darwin’s original notes on orchids are displayed here, so don’t rush through this room.

One of the great aspects of shows at Selby Gardens is the applied creativity.  New and big creative concepts for exhibits are supplemented by little touches.  Special orchid cookies have been created.  They are high on vanilla flavor but low on sugar and are available at the café. Appropriate trivia fact:  vanilla flavoring comes from the vanilla plant, which is an orchid.

If you love color, flowers, plants, photography, art – life, take part of a day for an enjoyable trip.


Tips for a Great Trip

Clothing:  Remember good walking shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses and your camera.

When to Go:  Orchid show runs until November 26. Open 10 to 5 daily. Plan on arriving early to get a parking spot and walk the grounds in good temperatures.


Ticket Prices: Orchid show included in regular price of $20.

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

900 South Palm Avenue

Sarasota, Florida

(941) 366-5731