Feature - Fitness Center - Kevin Burke and Ernie Kociban 2-15

By Phyllis Hodges

The Community Association’s yearlong $80,000 Fitness Center project of installing a new circuit of 14 machines, four new treadmills and five specialty benches is completed—and these machines are beauties! It was a major effort for the Fitness Center Committee that consists of Chairman Ernie Kociban, Jim Blackstone, Kevin Burke, Doug Seipelt, Kathy Tanzner and Paula Terrenzi.

Sam Sudman, CA director, serves as the committee’s board liaison. “The CA with the guidance of the Fitness Center Committee is committed to providing high quality physical fitness equipment to meet the expectations and needs of our members. Equipment is replaced according to its projected life,” Sam said. Although the committee uses a systematic approach for updating the Center, there has been nothing of this magnitude in recent years. Included in the 23 new pieces are replacements for 18 old ones, some of which were 20 years old.

Ernie sends kudos Kevin Burke’s way for spearheading the selection process. “Many advancements have been made to make equipment better, safer and more ergonomically user-friendly,” said Kevin. “We talked to repairmen as well as suppliers and managers of other fitness facilities before settling on Precor. It is a top-rated supplier and highly regarded in the industry. We are getting positive feedback from our users.”

Want Certified Personal Trainer Dennis O’Brien to show you how to use the new Precor machines? Current CA members can enroll in a 90-minute training program weekly on Tuesday and Thursdays at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Class sessions are limited to four people and you must register in advance with the FC attendant.  A $10 fee is required to schedule a class but it will be refunded after completing the training.


Committee Chairman Ernie Kociban tries out the new Seated Calf Extension that is new to the Fitness Center as part of the $80,000 program just completed. He said that the project management experience of Kevin Burke, committee member (standing), was invaluable during the year that it took to complete the project.