Sudmans, organizers (2)

(Article by Phyllis Hodges, photos by Bill or Phyllis Hodges)

Sam and Joanne Sudman, organizers for the December 6 Holiday Walk Breakfast, send a big THANK YOU to the 125 volunteer workers and 756 people to whom they served breakfast. The SCC Fireworks Fund is a bit heftier with the $2,240 net proceeds.



Hardesty- railroad club

The gleam in Larry Hardesty’s eye was put there by grandson Reed Miller’s delight while controlling the train. Morgan Jones, Model Railroad Club member, was there to assist.



Marcia Hanson was on hand in the Art Club display room to talk about inspiration for the exhibit featuring her paintings.


sawdust engineers

The Sawdust Engineers outdid themselves cleaning up the sawdust to prepare for visitors.


gone stampin

The Gone Stampin’ club was doing a brisk business with handmade holiday items (L to R) Kathy Rogers, Barbara Nightingale, Sally Ann Dickey.


diners with kids

The Holiday Walk and Breakfast and was a great occasion to bring guests in to see a SCC community event.


weaving demo

Iris McLaughlin demonstrates a weaving technique to Del Deverr while Judy Schmedin, a fellow Weavers Club member, watches.



Ingrid Regula assists Joan Juczak and Rebecca Gonda at the Lapidary Club counter.