Feature - Dep Merry Serial killer scam (1)

By Kai Rambow

There’s good news and bad news. The good news: more people are contacting Deputy Merry first before being sucked into a scam. The bad news: there are two new scams in town. Read further to avoid the latest email and internet scams.

Several residents have received an email purporting to be from a serial killer with connections to Al-Qaeda and ISIS. The email states that a friend of yours has hired this serial killer to kill you – but, if you pay the killer, he’ll let you know who hired him because he records everything.

The email also tells you not to contact the police because the killer has bugged you and tracks you by satellite.  “This is not a credible threat,” stated Deputy Merry in recent community presentations.  “The Department of Homeland Security and the FBI have looked into this scam. The grammar and spelling mistakes are very similar to the Nigerian scam letters. Don’t respond, just delete the email.”

The other current scam is more difficult to detect because “these come through legitimate dating sites,” explained Merry, “however, the profiles and the people behind them are fake.”

You will get a response to your profile from someone saying he or she is interested in you. That person will work very hard at forming a connection with you. You’ll hear how much they like you, and then how much they love you.

Eventually that person will ask you for money. He or she will talk about some hardship or financial challenge. Or he or she will mention visiting you, but needs money for a passport or airline ticket.

Most of these scammers will operate from other countries, but will go to great lengths to convince you they are close. “One scammer sent a pizza from a local pizzeria to give the feeling he/she was nearby.”

Dating web sites are working at deleting fake profiles and scammers. “If it looks too good to be true, it usually is,” cautions Merry. Remember you can always learn more by attending one of several informational presentations Deputy Merry gives every month.


PHOTO: Deputy Merry presenting at Ashton Gardens. He usually presents several times at different locations each month.