South Bay Hospital visited AMIKids YES to help improve the appearance of their campus. A group of South Bay Hospital leadership volunteers spent time at the facility recently painting the AMIKids YES campus courtyard. This helped to improve the overall experience for the residents that AMIKids YES serves. HCA, Inc, parent company of South Bay Hospital, also donated $1,000 to the non-profit organization. This donation and community service event were part of HCA’s 50 Days of Caring celebrating HCA’s 50 year anniversary. Dan Bender, interim Chief Executive Officer, said “We were very pleased with the volunteer turnout and impact we were able to make. It’s our pleasure to participate in activities that help live South Bay and HCA’s mission of caring for the communities we serve. We look forward to many more community service events in the future.”

Tony Altman, Executive Director of the organization, said, “AMIkids YES is a non-profit organization located in Wimauma, FL, and is dedicated to separating a troubled past from a bright future for the young men we serve.  Without local community support, it would be impossible to have the success we have with our kids.  Our organization is very thankful for the team at South Bay Hospital volunteering to assist with the upkeep of our facilities, and the monetary donation will go towards our ongoing incentive program to motivate our kids; changing their behavior, while teaching them how to set individual goals and working towards achieving them every day.  Thanks again South Bay Hospital for your support!”



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