By Diane M. Loeffler

Where Do We Go Now?

The Community Association (CA) staff and directors are no longer at 1009 North Pebble Beach. As of April 22, they are located in temporary quarters at 1215 North Pebble Beach. These modulars are located north of the Samaritan Building and south of the Security Patrol Building.

As you face the building, you will see steps and a ramp, both of which lead to deck between the modulars. The modular on the right (closest to the Samaritan Building) is where you will find the receptionist, membership services and room reservations. If you wish to reserve a room, pick up your CA sticker or guest passes, or conduct other CA business, this is the building where you will want to go to first. The modular on the left (closest to the Security Patrol Building / former golf clubhouse) houses the board’s meeting room, the offices of the Community Association officers, directors and other personnel.


The Move

Do you remember your last move? Even when you are voluntarily moving for good reasons, moving can be a challenging experience. Whether you are moving your household items or your office, there is usually something that makes you laugh or shake your head before, during and after your move.

Of all the boxes in the CA building’s closets, one was especially interesting. This box was 25 to 30 years old and was labeled HURRICANE WINDOW COVERS. Community Manager, Lyn Reitz, opened it up only to find…black, plastic Hefty trash bags! Were they really intended to be used as window covers in case of high winds? We may never know.

There is nothing like a move to make you set aside time from your day-to-day duties to critically go through and evaluate every single item, piece by piece, paper by paper. Weeks in advance of the actual move, CA staff began the serious work of sorting through fifty years of papers and files. Over the years, some file cabinets were squeezed into closets. Sorting through them, the staff found some documents that were twenty years old or more including paperwork for bank accounts at banks that no longer exist. Of course, this meant that there was a lot of shredding to do.

Friday was the most labor-intensive day for the staff. Boxes and small items were all moved that day. Saturday movers helped move desks and furniture. Then the work of unpacking and began. In our homes, we can unpack some boxes and save others for later. However, offices need to unpack everything and organize all their forms, documents and other paperwork. Hopefully, they will be able to make the transition smoothly. As for my last move, well, I am still trying to figure out whatever happened to my toaster.