Feature - Wawa

What’s a Wawa?
By Kai Rambow

“I need my Wawa coffee in the morning.  Then I’m good to go,” raved one of my seminar participants.*  If you haven’t heard of Wawa, that’s understandable, since they are only located in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Florida.  Here is a brief introduction before the location, southeast corner of 674 and 301, opens.

Wawa, in its modern incarnation, began as a convenience store.  Grahame Wood, anticipating the decline in milk home delivery, led the creation of the first convenience store to offer quality dairy products.

Today, 380 out of 640 stores also offer gasoline.  They are very competitive on gasoline pricing.  The day this article was written regular unleaded was $2.26 at Racetrac, $2.20 at Walmart and $2.09 at Wawa.

The stores behind the gas bars are different from other gas stations.  Quite a bit of space is dedicated for coffee, there is a large sandwich section, and the remaining third looks like a regular convenience store.

Wawa has dedicated fans of their award-winning coffee.  The variety is surprisingly large:  Regular, Decaf, 100{d6455b3b807b338898e36a6cc0d106dbfb89fa56f43c1d632981008ff6391509} Colombian, Hazelnut, French Vanilla, Cuban Roast and Costa Rican Blend.  Dedicated drinkers show up in the morning and in the afternoon.

Also very popular are their fresh, made-to-order sandwiches.  That’s right, they’re made after you order them.  The menu is quite extensive.

You might be wondering if the company is so well established, why aren’t they in more states?  Probably because they are (1) a private company, and (2) own every single location.

You also might be wondering about the name.  Wawa is a Native American word for the Canada goose.  Look above the name and you’ll notice the goose logo.

When they open, you’ll probably stop for gas.  You might also want to go inside and check out why so many people love their coffee and sandwiches.

*When he isn’t writing for The News of Sun City Center, Kai Rambow delivers corporate training programs for clients on business writing.